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Staying Healthy While Eating Out

May 4, 2014 | 13,887

Eating out is often a time to relax, which can often translate into the food we order. As our dining companions order unhealthy family-style appetizers or pass around tempting desserts, it’s very easy to overeat, consume heavy foods, and drink … Read More

Student Loan Debt: Worse for Women, But Here’s One Way to Deal

December 16, 2013 | 13,781

SPONSORED POST – The overall gender wage gap may have narrowed over the past decade, but for MBA grads it has actually grown wider.  Research shows that female graduates of top U.S. business schools earn an average starting salary that’s … Read More

Why the world needs women entrepreneurs

November 21, 2013 | 13,876

(By Tory Burch for The Economist) Women’s empowerment will be front and center in 2014 as more companies, communities and countries invest in women’s entrepreneurship. Increasingly, they recognize what organizations from the World Bank to Coca-Cola already know: that women … Read More

Crowdfunding Site Launches for the Female Entrepreneur

October 24, 2013 | 13,803

(Wall Street Journal) Plum Alley launched just over a year ago as an e-commerce website that put the spotlight on products created by women. Now it’s going to target fundraising for their start ups.

As the project progressed, founder and … Read More

Is It Time to Move On?

October 14, 2013 | 13,439

Determining when to move on can be a challenge, and it’s often not clear-cut or formulaic. It is an individual decision influenced by both career and personal aspirations. For some, the trajectory of their peer group has an influence on … Read More

You Can Call Her Mayor Brown: How Aja Brown Is Transforming the City of Compton

October 12, 2013 | 13,740

( Her name is Aja (because her mother liked the Steely Dan song), but you can call her Mayor Brown. Compton, the small California city that gangsta rap put on the map—the birthplace of Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, and the … Read More

When Women Mentor Too Much

October 11, 2013 | 13,710

(Wall Street Journal) Some top managers risk slowing their upward climb because they mentor downward too much.

It’s an especially common conundrum for women. They’re in high demand as mentors, mainly due to their thin ranks in upper level management. … Read More

Platform Aims To Boost Profile Of Minorities In Tech

October 9, 2013 | 13,808

(Fast Company) Two years ago, Hank Williams joined a startup accelerator called NewME, which specializes in startups led by minorities. Williams, 48, is a black serial entrepreneur who had spent most of his life living in Harlem and considered himself … Read More

The Four Kinds Of Mentors Every Businesswoman Should Have

October 3, 2013 | 13,798

(Forbes Woman) Finding a mentor or personal advisor can be intimidating to female founders. Women often have a Superman complex — we rarely seek advice because we believe we should be able to do everything, know everything, and be everything to everyone. … Read More

Geraldine Moriba Named Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for CNN Worldwide

September 30, 2013 | 13,730

Geraldine Moriba has been named Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for CNN Worldwide.  Included in her role will be Chairing CNN’s Diversity Council, as well as offering strategic guidance on issues of diversity to the CNN Management team. The announcement … Read More